Friends, Resources, and Cool Stuff

We would like to share with you some websites and resources we find helpful and fun.

Bellydance Related:

Third Eye Tribal Consulting Assistance for all of your business and troupe needs.

Third Eye Tribal     Terri's Dance Studio and Business in Rochester, MN

Third Eye Tribal Facebook Page

ATS with Props DVD: Veil, Fan, and Basket      Terri's DVD with Dawn and SuperBeth

I Bellydance Because...     Terri's book full of essays by bellydancers

Coco Loco Jewelry   

Dawn Ruckert (Nandana) Bellydance      Lisa's NC troupe director

Dayanisma      Lisa's troupe site

Dayanisma Facebook Page

FatChanceBellyDance®     Carolena and the Mothership

Tamarind Bellydance


Wellness Related:

Authentic Happiness     from Penn State, great articles and assessments

Happiness Formula       BBC news videos and articles

Character Strength Inventory      VIA Institute where you can take a free survey on your strengths

Center for Greater Good      from Berkley, great articles and resources

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